Vandy Mum Sale
Vandy Mum Sale
Vandergriff Communications
Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Vandy Mum Sale Orders due by October 1st

The Vandergriff Victory Garden Committee and Garden Academy are selling mums to raise money for materials such as organic garden soil, plants, seeds, potting soil, hay, and soil amendments. There will be 2 sizes available in red, white, pink, yellow, bronze/orange and purple.

Mums make a great gift or seasonal decoration for your home or business! Both sizes are beautiful, high quality plants. They are in pots that are the throw away black pots that most nurseries sale them in. They are not special pots but you can slip them into your own pots without the mess of using more potting soil. You can eve dig a hole in your landscaping and slip them in it still in their pot. This makes them easier to dispose of when the season change. They will need water everyday to stay happy and hydrated. 

Prices & Sizes: 

18” plant 9”inch pot - $12.00 each

8-12” plant 6.5”inch pot –$12 for 2

8-12” plant 6.5”inch pot – $9 each

 All orders are pre-paid and due by Thursday, October 1st.  Pick up will be Tuesday, October 9th between 2:00-4:30pm outside the cafeteria.