Advanced Placement (AP Program)

What is Advanced Placement?

Advanced Placement, a program administered by the College Board, is nationally recognized as the gold standard of rigorous high school curriculum. All AP courses are rigorous, college-level courses developed by content-area experts. Students take an end-of-the year examination and depending on their scores can potentially earn college credit.

Why AP?

According to research done by Clifford Adelman at the U.S. Department of Education, “the rigor of a student’s high school curriculum is the single best predictor of success in college. “ Challenging AP curriculum will not only ensure that students are prepared for college, but AP courses also give students an opportunity to earn college credit while still in high school. In Arkansas, AP exams are free to students who are enrolled in the course and passing at the time of the exam, so any potential college credit is free to students.In addition, AP courses help students to demonstrate rigor on their transcript when applying for college.

What sets Advanced Placement at FHS apart?

FHS has a tradition of AP excellence. FHS began offering AP courses in 1985, and year after year, FHS has ranked as one of the top AP schools in the state. FHS performs well above the national and state averages and does so with high enrollment in these courses. Teachers are committed to ensuring academic success through student-driven daily lessons as well as mock exams and review sessions. Among our talented faculty are numerous AP exam scorers as well as three College Board consultants.

Which AP Courses are offered at FHS?

Art History

Music Theory
Studio Art

Social Studies
Comparative Government and Politics
European History
Human Geography
Microeconomics and Macroeconomics
United States History
United States Government and Politics
World History

Computer Science
Computer Science Principles I and II
Computer Science AI and AII

World Language
French Language and Culture
German Language and Culture
Spanish Language and Culture

English Language and Composition
English Literature and Composition

Calculus AB
Calculus BC

Environmental Science
Physics I
Physics II
Physics C

What do My AP Scores Mean?

AP exams are scored on a 5 point scale. Descriptions for each score point are below.


Extremely Well Qualified


Well Qualified




Possibly Qualified


No Recommendation

Students must check with individual colleges to find out about the possible college credit for AP scores. Go HERE to check for college credit at specific universities.

In April of 2018, the State of Arkansas passed a policy stating that all state schools must award credit for scores of 3 or above on AP exams. For a closer look at these guidelines as well the courses included, click HERE.

Marc Reif

Mike Kaminski

Dr. Kristina Hudson

AP Department Chair

AP/Pre-AP Coordinator

Executive Director of Secondary Education