LFESC History

The Lake Fayetteville Environmental Study Center is an outdoor, environmental science program supported by the Fayetteville and Springdale public schools. LFESC has been one of the longest running environmental science programs in the world, and is unique in that it is provided by the public school system rather than a private non-profit organization. The City of Fayetteville leased 266 acres of park land to the Fayetteville and Springdale public schools in 1973. Educational trips to the lake began the following year with this goal:

"To supplement the classroom environmental studies curriculum by utilizing Lake Fayetteville as a center to provide field and laboratory experiences in collecting and interpreting data related to water resources as a means of tying together social, economic,and ecological relationships"

Fayetteville Public Schools have remained committed to providing students with an advanced education concerning our environment. We continue to strive to connect students to nature with unique educational activities.

A field trip to LFESC is part of the curriculum for all of the 10th grade biology classes and all of the 5th grade classes throughout our public school system. 10th and 5th grade students have 1-day field trips throughout the year to practice hands-on science in an outdoor environment.