What's Happening at LFESC

Lake Plankton

During field trips our students will have an opportunity to study the plankton community in Lake Fayetteville with microscopes. Check out this amazing video of plankton that can be found in freshwater ponds to get ready for your lab!

Posted by J. WATTERSON on Feb 3

Winter Weather at LFESC

Winter Weather at LFESC

Recent cold temperatures have created some challenges for our field trips during the past month. Pictured is a channel cut through the lake ice so that our pontoon boat could reach open water and students could continue water sampling! Let this be a reminder for upcoming field trips to dress warmly!

Cold temperatures have also helped to bring in large numbers of a variety of waterfowl species that students have enjoyed observing. We are looking forward to warmer weather in the near future. Until then, check the forecast before your trip to the Science Center.

Posted by J. WATTERSON on Jan 27