GT Curriculum Descriptions

Find out what we are doing this year.

  • We will begin the school year with a brand new unit - Audio and Visual Expression. The first quarter will focus on the listening portion of the unit, Old Time Radio. Students will study the history of radio and its importance and then become a member of a radio show sound crew, writing, performing and editing a radio program in the genre of their choice.
  • The second quarter will bring us into the visual portion of the unit with silent movies. Students will study the development of the film industry and analyze its birth through silent movies. In film crews, students will select a genre and then write, perform, compose music and edit a silent movie. These two units will be showcased in a night of performances in December. Admission money will be used to finance our third quarter unit.
  • Musical instruments - students will use their knowledge of sound to create a musical instrument of their choice and budget. Choices are left up to the student but students will need a working instrument to play in the original composition of their GT class. Maybe we have a talent show entry here!
  • The final nine weeks will be individualized work for each students. We will look at WWII facets not normally studied in depth in the regular classroom in the unit Unsung Stories. Through interviews, students will be inspired to find a story of their own that needs to be preserved.